AWS Config: What Is It?

AWS config which is inventory and configuration management for AWS. It is a tool that helps you manage AWS resources. If you have a enterprise AWS account/multiple account, you can use AWS Config to manage it in one dashboard.

So, You can understand how many resources are running in your AWS account from one place. You can also see the configuration changes that are made to the resources and relation between multiple resources.

Using AWS config you can find out whether you’re compliance meet’s the AWS best practices for PCI standard, Also using AWS Config you can find out if you are using AWS best practices or not.

There are various advantages of using AWS Config you can auto remediation setting control using the dashboard or writing custom rule or custom Lambda functions to auto remediate non-compliant resources.

What is PCI Standard?
AWS PCI Compliance is an Amazon Web Service (AWS) that is Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant. PCI applies to all companies that process, transmit, or store cardholder (or sensitive) data of service providers, merchants, processors, or issuers. Source: Threatstack
Written on August 27, 2021